What I Wore: 5/21/15

Today’s challenge was wearing enough on my arms to be appropriate for work but little enough to keep my skin rash uncovered so the fabric wouldn’t irritate it (yup, have a lovely skin rash, likely from amoxicillin but it’s being further looked into).


Here’s what I went with, fake smile and all! 
The jeans and cardigan are Stitch Fix purchases and the camisole is Old Navy.  Shoes: Payless.

The only downside is its kind of chilly today and that’s not a super warm cardigan.

What I Wore: Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, my friend Kate and I took out moms out for brunch, a tradition we started two years ago but then missed last year (though I can’t remember why).   Of course, I had spent most of the weekend in a state of constant pajama wearing while I binge-watched Chopped and worked on sewing projects for my Etsy shop, Pig & Pepper (more on that soon, as I’m pretty excited about the endeavor).  So for the Mother’s Day outing, I actually got myself into some nice clothes.

The shirt and jeans are both from Stitch Fix.  The shirt brand escapes me at the moment (I know, some fashion blogger I am, right?), but the jeans are Just Black (I love those pants, and I need to find more!).  The shoes are Keds, and I need to get them in the other colors they come in – I have a strong feeling they’re going to be my summertime staple.


Trying the partially-tucked look which I am not sure works for me.


And this is just a gratuitous shot because I like how my hair looks.

As we move forward with various things on the blog, I would like to have a slightly larger fashion section, so we may see more and more of me trying out various outfits.

Tomorrow’s challenge: dressing appropriately for teaching but also for the near-90 degree day that’s expected!  Thankfully some sundresses from Old Navy and a cap sleeve cardigan from a fix should do the trick.

Stitch Fix Review: Fix # 17

Well, clearly the number seventeen indicates that I’ve been participating in Stitch Fix for quite some time.  For those who haven’t heard of it, Stitch Fix is an online styling service.  You fill out a style profile and a personal stylist sends you five items.  There’s a $20 styling fee, but this is then taken off of any purchases you make. You keep what you want, and send back what you don’t want. Currently I do this once a month, though you can change the frequency to suit your needs, or just get fixes randomly.

It’s a lot of fun when the box arrives each month and you get to try on your new stuff. And every month I keep meaning to take pictures and post my review of the things they send me, but it took me until now to do so!

Every month, when I take the items out of the box, I always have the items that I think will be amazing right away and the ones that I don’t care for. When I try them on, sometimes I am dead on and sometimes I am completely inaccurate. This is what I enjoy most about Stitch Fix – I try new things that I normally wouldn’t look at in the store. So even though there have be plenty of misses, I’ve added a lot of new and interesting things to my wardrobe over the last couple of months.

Oh, and these pictures are terrible – took them myself, in front of a pretty dusty mirror (I promptly cleaned it after this project when I looked at the pictures!).

1. Pixley’s Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top


Loved this! It’s perfect for going out this summer. The fit and the neckline were both very flattering. It can also easily be paired with a cardigan to do double duty to work. This one I kept.

2. Collective Concepts Mason Blouse


My only complaint about Stitch Fix is that I’ve said a number of times how much I don’t really care for billowy tops, and this fix had two of them. Even though I wasn’t sure about it, I tried it on. And… once again I didn’t like it. It wasn’t horrible, but I always feel like these shirts make me look so much wider than I really am, and this one almost read maternity in person. I also wasn’t 100% sure this was a flattering color for me.

Back it went. (However, the jeans I’m wearing in these pictures are from a fix a few months ago, and I absolutely love them.)

3. 41Hawthorn Posy Printed Dress


This dress was cute, but the top didn’t fall in a way that was flattering. You can see it billows near the bust. There’s a little snap in the bust that just doesn’t seem to be in the right place. So this was okay, but not okay enough to keep! Back it goes.

4. Pink Martini Morset Textured Cardigan


You usually can’t miss with me and a cardigan and this one is perfect and lightweight for the summer months. Keeping it.

5. Le Lis Nogales Lace Detail Blouse


I admittedly don’t hate this for a billowy shirt, and I love the navy, but it was actually too small in the shoulders. So back it goes.

This time around I kept 2 of the 5 items. You get a 25% discount for keeping all five, which I actually haven’t done yet (so far no one’s hit it out of the park yet, but they have found me some great pieces).

Looking forward to next month’s fix, and to see if I can keep up actually posting about them!

When Your Body Yells at You

Today, I’m exhausted.

This is not without reason. I had tooth surgery last week. I had an impacted wisdom tooth that needed to come out. Not only was the tooth impacted, but the impaction the worst possible kind, known as a distoangular impaction. Basically, this meant my tooth was coming down towards the back of my mouth. The dentist told me I was the most difficult patient of the day, procedure-wise (I was also told I handled it beautifully). Also, it was super close to my sinuses (super close is my really scientific way of describing however close it was, since I don’t have any sort of measurement… all I know is, the dentist said he could SEE my sinuses during the removal). Because of both these things, I had to take a number of extra precautions.

All in all, I’m fine. There are no complications. However, I went to work the next day. There was something going on that my absence would’ve complicated, and since I wasn’t really feeling any pain and the doctor said I should be fine, I went in. And I was fine. All I really had to do was keep an ice pack on my face. Then, over the weekend, I went upstate to visit my sister, brother-in-law and niece. It was pleasant (and my almost nine-month-old niece has decided she likes Abba and starts dancing whenever you play ‘Dancing Queen’) but all in all, not a super restful couple of days.

Feeling pretty good on Monday, I resumed a mostly normal eating and an exercise program. I started T25, and my goal is to add kickboxing two days a week, just for fun. I ate really well (I had to do a few days on really soft foods, but can do pretty much everything now as long as I chew only on the one side). I got up before work to mae sure my workouts were done.

And then yesterday afternoon arrived. I was so tired, I got into bed at 7:30, fell asleep at around 10, and slept until 6:30. This exhaustion continued throughout today, with the added bonus of a little pain in the extraction area (again, it’s completely normal). Clearly this pushing myself this week has taken it’s toll on a body I haven’t really let recover since last Wednesday. And thus I decided that I should skip tonight’s kickboxing class, even though I already skipped this morning’s workout.

An hour ago, I was feeling majorly guilty about this decision. But then I realized, I really HAVEN’T let myself rest. And continuing to push myself will likely do more harm than good right now. My body needs a little bit of time to recover, and so I’m going to let it have it.

Sometimes the formerly overweight girl inside of me gets really stressed about things like this. I feel like a complete and utter failure for not following my plan exactly. But… I did REALLY well this week, better than I have in a long time. I exercised three days this week – twice on one of the days! And I should be happy about that and celebrate it. Forgive myself for actually letting my tired body get some rest. I can still eat a healthy dinner later, and kickboxing will be there tomorrow, workouts tapes will be there tomorrow. And my healthier, well-rested self will be better able to tackle them then.